How I Saved My Relationship

I know what you are thinking, the Puerto Rico Artist has it all under control. But that is not always the case. For example, just recently I almost lost the love of my life. We have been together for about 4 years and up to that point everything seemed great. What I didn't realize was I had become more of a habit to her, and she kinda just lost her passion for me. I wasn't exciting anymore and our relationship was suffering, almost ending. Ouch, even typing that write now is hard. I mean, I am a great guy, and have dated many great girls and never had a problem. But that is part of the issue, I stopped dating around and might have become complacent now that it is just one girl I am dating. So there, I admit it was my fault. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to fix the problem and learn how to get her attracted to me again. I was doing some research online, reading articles, watching youtube videos, etc. It all kind of said the same thing. Give her some distance, start dating other people and what not. The thing is, I didn't want to date other people or give her distance... I wanted her back. Luckily I can across an article with advice on how to save things and I took the plunge and started applying everything I learned and it was like magic. My girl started responding to me and you could tell she had the spark for me back. So my advice for everyone reading this is don't give up. Do your research. Become your best self and get her back, or get someone better once you have improved yourself.

How To Make A Girl Happy

There are many ways you can make your girlfriend happy. In fact, there are countless ways to ensure that she is completely happy and satisfied in the relationship. This can range anywhere from compliments to acts of service to gifts. In reality, most women just want to feel loved at all times and it doesn’t have to be something extreme. In some cases, it is nice to receive a gift or something of that nature, but 99% of the time women just want to feel loved and that’s what makes them happy.

In order to love a woman right, you must consistently perform certain actions. A person doesn’t want to be told just once that they are loved, and then never told again. So consistency is the key here, and it will allow her to feel absolutely treasured and loved. A simple text message a few times a day or a special note on the mirror might add an extra smile to her morning. If you’re running late and you promised you’d be home at a certain time a simple phone call would be nice to let them know that you’re running late. It shows that you care more about her than you do yourself and that you want to make sure she knows she’s your number one. It’s called courtesy, and it can go a long way with added consistency.

Most women like physical touch and affection, and you can rest assured that if you’re acting distant in anyway or spending too much time staring at your phone screen, your woman is not feeling completely happy or loved. When she knows that she’s a priority in your life and you would rather give her a nice back rub or engage in some positive conversation with her, it shows her that you really do care about her and that she matters. Put the cell phone down and pay attention to what is sitting in front of you. The cell phone will always be there later, and you can be sure that whoever it is that is on the other line waiting for you is not as important as what is sitting in front of you.

You can make your woman even happier by being a gentleman. It is actually very simple to open a door for her or let her walk in front of you to ensure that she doesn’t get a door slammed in her face because you’re too arrogant to notice. Take care of her feelings. It may take some work, but that is what relationships involve, and you can be 100% sure that if you’re taking care of her then she’s going to make sure your 100% happy.

Along with the points mentioned above, which can all contribute to happiness, but ultimately she needs to have your trust and honesty. If attention is something you’re seeking from someone else, just stop it. She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way and if she’s giving her complete all to you than you need to do the same. If you’re giving part of your heart to someone else than you’re not giving your complete heart to her, and she’s not going to feel happy. In fact, she’s going to feel discouraged and unimportant. Make sure you’re honest and trustworthy. It will always pay off in the end. Always treat her with respect and think twice before you say something rude. If she’s trying her best than it’s up to you to take care of her and make sure that she is happy. When following these tips, make sure to offer forgiveness to her because she’s going to need that from you when she makes mistakes. When these tips are followed, you can be sure that your girlfriend will always be happy.

Do Testosterone Boosters Like Spartagen XT Really Work?

Hey faithful readers of my blog. I have something I wanted to chat about today. Specifically do testosterone boosters such as EdgeBioactives new product called Spartagen XT really increase free testosterone in men? There is a lot of evidence that it does in fact work. It uses all natural ingredients to naturally stimulate the body and hormones to begin or increase the production of natural testosterone in the male body (not sure about females to be honest).

So I decided to try it for myself and after a couple of weeks of consistence use according the recommended dosage, I was able to feel a pretty substantial difference in my energy level and I began to feel like I didn't get tired as quickly.

I did more research on the ingredients and people have been using them for years to increase their energy and in many cases their testosterone levels.

I found a spartagen xt review video that pretty much sums up what I liked about the product, so watch that if you are curious about how it works.

In summary, you will learn how it combines a group of natural vitamins, minerals and herbs that all work together to increase your T levels naturally. It really is a great product, and I have no plans on stopping. I will update this blog if I find anything negative or have any weird side effects.

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