My Kinetic Attraction Review – Get Women To Approach You

Kinetic Attraction is a fully comprehensive training program that will show you how to get even the hottest women, to approach and hit on you, with zero chance of rejection.

I know, that is a pretty big claim. But for a second I am asking you to suspend disbelief and learn more about Kinetic Attraction.

I used to feel the same as you, but after studying Adam Lyon’s training and apply his method in my own life, I can say without a doubt that this is revolutionary. Keep reading to find out why.

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As crazy as it sounds, this training program shows you how to take advantage of body language secrets that are planted deep in the human brain from thousands of years of biological evolution. The exact same way our ancestors communicated desirability and dominance can be used to attract even the hottest women.

kinetic attraction how womanAnd the best part is that the training covers all aspect of the interaction. What good is it to have an super sexy attractive woman approach you if you don’t know what to do next?

Adam covers how to read her body language, so you always know what to do or say. He also gives examples of what these women will say when they approach you (this will surprise you), and he gives you EXACTLY what to say in any circumstance. This will work regardless of your previous success with women.

Think of how Morpheous downloads all of the martial arts training to Neo in the Matrix… that is how this program will reprogram the deepest most primal parts of your brain.

As crazy as that sounds, once you complete the training and allow the principles in Kinetic Attraction to work, you will doing most of the best body language techniques without even thinking about what you are doing.

If you are like me, you will just be doing your normal thing and across the room you will see a super hot woman smiling at you. Of course she doesn’t stop there, she usually comes sauntering up and asks me a question. Normally this would be intimidating, but after Adam training I have come to expect it. Also Adam explains why this is happening and the exact prefect response to confirm to her that she made a great decision by approaching you…

You will know it is working when you are just going about your daily life and women stop to look at you, or smile at you, or in most cases walk up to you ask you what would normally seem like an innocent question.

woman with kinetic attractionBut after watching Adam’s training you will learn this is just their way of approaching you without themselves risking rejection.

And make no mistake, even the hottest women are worried about rejection. That is why we as guys don’t like it. It is embarrassing. It destroys our confidence and self esteem.

Heck that is probably why this program is so popular, it removes all risk of rejection.

If I could take it a step further, it actually puts the risk of rejection on the woman approaching you, but that is how powerful this method is. Women are willing to risk the embarrassment of rejection, just to confirm if you are really the guy that your body language portrays.

And with Adam’s step by step, situation by situation, example by exmaple training, you will be able to easily confirm to her that yes, you are the man she wants you to be.

The man who takes her home, opens up all her inhibitions and makes passionate love to her.

When she approaches you, that is what she is really asking. Is he the man who can finally tame me? Will he be able to fulfill all of my deepest, sexiest desires.

And trust me, she is hoping that answer is yes.

With Adam’s training, and if you follow the Kinetic Attraction principles, the answer will be yes.

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